3 Tips for Effective Hospitality Recruitment


Hospitality has this month been named as the 4th biggest industry in the UK; a profitable sector that in the face of Brexit, needs to be nurtured and future-proofed. With a skills shortage threatening the space, we today share some recruitment tips; ideas that can help build and maintain a flourishing UK-wide workforce.

Write effective job adverts

Attracting candidates is one of the biggest challenges hospitality brands are facing. This could potentially be due to ineffective job adverts. If you are a restaurant, bar, catering firm or hotel looking to recruit, below are a few tips to keep in mind when writing your ad:

• Use simple language
• Be clear about what the role’s duties and responsibilities are
• Make the job advert visually attractive by embedding images and videos
• Promote your adverts of mobile-friendly websites, social media channels and job boards

Promote growth opportunities

Many believe that a hospitality job is very much for the short-term. To attract candidates that are in it for the long-haul, be clear about the company’s growth plans and where a new employee could fit in.

Training and development

Continued training and development is not a modern-day working desire, but a need. Therefore, to recruit and retain effectively, you need to invest in your staff from the offset.

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