Half of the UK are in the Wrong Job


Here at Hospitality Post, we are always working hard to make effective recruitment matches, using disruptive technology to perfectly match candidates’ skills and experience with job opportunities. As the core effort for most businesses in the world of recruitment, we would expect the majority of UK workers to be in positions in which they both enjoy and excel in.
Well, according to a new research project from HR body, CIPD, this is far from the truth. Quizzing 3,700 UK employees, they found that there was an inherent lack of individuals occupying their dream job.

In the report entitled ‘Over-skilled and underused: Investigating the untapped potential of UK skills’, it revealed that 49% of UK workers are in the wrong job. While there were many different reasons for these mismatches, the statistics prove that recruitment processes need to be improved.

The report also found that a shocking 12% of workers felt they lacked all of the skills needed to carry out their job properly. This was in addition to the 37% of participants who thought they boasted the skills to cope with a more demanding role than their current one.

Lizzie Crowley, CIPD skills adviser, said that getting the match right would help employers tackle the UK productivity crisis.

“Individuals who report using their skills fully in the workplace have higher levels of job satisfaction, earn more and are more resilient to change, while businesses benefit from a more productive workforce and increased profitability,” she said.

“However, we have ended up in a situation where our economy isn’t creating nearly enough high-skilled jobs, while the proportion of low-skilled roles remains stubbornly high. This leaves many workers trapped in low skill work, which doesn’t match their ability, offers poorer pay and progression prospects and does little to boost the productivity of organisations?
“There needs to be a much greater emphasis on how well existing skills and capabilities of individuals are harnessed and developed at work, through better people management practices and access to development opportunities.”

Do you think you are in the wrong job?

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