People Are What Make The Hospitality Industry So Great

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Hospitality and tourism is the 4th biggest industry in the UK.

Like so many other sectors, however, it’s only as good as the people who decide to choose it as a career. Good service is expected nowadays and consumers have increasingly high standards.

If you are someone who likes to engage with and look after customers, the hospitality industry is one of the best places to think of starting a career. And the good news is that the industry is crying out for highly talented people who like to go that step further. No restaurant, bar, hotel or conference organiser or travel agent was ever successful without good staff at the helm.

Make Someone’s Day

This is a business that is all about people and you’ll get plenty of opportunities to help someone out and make their day. That might be by delivering a great service as a waiter in a restaurant or cooking up a feast for a hungry family. It could involve showing tourists round the local sights or running a busy hotel in the heart a city or an idyllic coastal resort.

While some of the tourist industry involves providing support behind the scenes, the vast majority of it is customer facing and requires daily interactions with general public in one form or another. If you love meeting people and making their dreams come true, the hospitality industry is the perfect place to work.

The Chance to Travel the World

All countries and locations have hospitality built into their infrastructure and the skills you develop in one place are easily transferrable to another. That means a career in hospitality and tourism actually opens up a world of possibilities, especially if you speak more than one language. It’s a great way to explore and travel if that’s what gets you up in the morning and the only limitations are the ones you set yourself.

Taking on Responsibility

If you work hard and get the right qualifications, there are plenty of opportunities in the hospitality industry for advancement. It’s not just about seasonal work and the gig economy. Hotels, bars, restaurants and other venues are always looking for talented managers and other senior staff. In fact, across many parts of the industry these individuals are in short supply and businesses are crying out for committed individuals who are willing to learn.

Great Job Opportunities

That means, if you have the work ethos and the drive, you can start progressing quickly in the industry. These are not jobs that generally operate on a nine to five basis but if you love the variety of working at different times it’s the perfect career to get into. There are easily identifiable qualifications you can obtain to further your career progression and there are some really great job opportunities out there if you are willing to work hard to achieve your goals.

What Personal Qualities Do You Need?

First of all, you need fairly decent interpersonal skills. This is, after all, a people business and being able to communicate effectively is important. Some of these skills can be learned over time but a willingness and ability to talk to people at all levels is a good starting point. Great communication means that you need to be a good listener as well as an enthusiastic talker.

You need to be committed if you want to drive your career forward. Whether you start out as a waiter or waitress, working behind a bar or walk straight into a management position, there’s always a chance to move up and onto bigger and better things.

Finally, you need to be flexible and able to work as part  of a team. Few hospitality ventures operate well without staff who are able to get on together and provide a joined up service. Once you understand that you will be able to develop your leadership qualities and progress even further in the industry.


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